Funding Opportunities

The GEAR Network aims to build a research infrastructure for interdisciplinary aging studies focused on geriatric care in the ED as well as advance the science supporting emergency medical care for people with cognitive impairment or dementia. To that end, GEAR offers funding opportunities to foster and support interdisciplinary research in key priority areas that have been acknowledged as research gaps. See below to learn more about the identified research priorities and funding opportunities.

Call for Proposals

Archived Funding Opportunities

GEAR 1.0 Funding

GEAR 2.0 Funding (Dementia-Focused)

GEAR 2.0-ADC (NIA)/EMF/WHI Grant Information

GEAR 2.0- ADC has partnered with the Emergency Medicine Foundation and the West Health Institute to award four (4) pilot grants for the funding period July 2022-June 2023. The RFA can be accessed in two places: 1) the EMF Grants page and and the GEAR Network page. The domains of specific interest for the pilot awards are: care transitions, emergency department practices, detection, and communication and decision making.