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Moving the Needle on Fall Prevention

Falls among older adults are common and costly, and, much of the time, preventable. In this study the GEAR Network set out to find research areas to improve fall identification and prevention practices that can be used in the emergency department.

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GEAR 1.0 Pilot Grant

GEAR Executive Committee and GEAR Advisory Board will review and select 3 proposals, each receiving up to $100,000 of total funding for this GEAR 1.0 Pilot Grant.

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Care Transitions

A large amount of evidence indicates that an ED visit is a period of vulnerability for older adults, especially as they transition back to the community, from the ED to home or a nursing home.

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Falls range from minor to fatal; even minor falls can cause psychological distress and fear, leading older adults to feel dependent and chained to their bedrooms. In addition, stigma is a major problem so only a small percentage of older adults report their falls. Falling one time doubles an individual’s risk for falling again.

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Elder Abuse

There are opportunities to administer screening for elder mistreatment in the ER, with both screening tools in development and research funding from the National Institutes on Aging (NIA), the National Institutes of Health (NIH) overall, the John A. Hartford Foundation (JAHF), and others.

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