GEAR 2.0 Request For Application (RFA)

GEAR 2.0-ADC (NIA)/EMF/WHI Funding for Up to Four Pilot Proposals

Geriatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network 2.0 – Advancing Dementia Care (GEAR 2.0 – ADC) / Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF) / West Health Institute (WHI) will fund up to four pilot proposals that are aligned with the GEAR 2.0 Mission and research priorities starting as early as July 1, 2022. The dollar amount of each award may not exceed $90,000 in total costs.

Final grants submissions are due Friday, February 4, 2022. Grants are to be submitted through EMF at

To assist with proposal preparation, see the following materials:

More Information

On Tuesday, December 14 from 4-5pm ET, the GEAR 2.0 team held Office Hours to answer questions about the application process.

For general questions contact