GEAR Publications & Manuscripts

The Geriatric Emergency Care Applied Research (GEAR) network approach:

a protocol to advance stakeholder consensus and research priorities in geriatrics and dementia care in the emergency department

Ula Hwang, Christopher Carpenter, Scott Dresden, Jeffrey Dussetschleger, Angela Gifford, Ly Hoang, Jesseca Leggett, Armin Nowroozpoor, Zachary Taylor, Manish Shah, The GEAR* and GEAR 2.0** Networks

Published online: 25 Apr 2021 | BMJ Open | doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2022-060974

This manuscript describes our approach to developing the GEAR Network infrastructure, the scoping reviews to identify research and clinical gaps and its use of consensus-driven research priorities with a transdisciplinary taskforce of stakeholders that includes patients and care partners. We describe how priority topic areas are ascertained, the process of conducting scoping reviews with integrated academic librarians performing standardized searches and providing quality control on reviews, input and support from the taskforce and conducting a large-scale consensus workshop to prioritize future research topics. The GEAR Network approach provides a framework and systematic approach to develop a research agenda and support research in geriatric emergency care.