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Care Transitions and Social Needs:

A Geriatric Emergency care Applied Research (GEAR) Network scoping review and consensus statement

Cameron J Gettel , Corrine I Voils , Alycia A Bristol, Lynne D Richardson, Teresita M Hogan, Abraham A Brody, Micaela N Gladney, Joe Suyama, Luna C Ragsdale, Christine L Binkley, Carmen L Morano, Justine Seidenfeld, Nada Hammouda, Kelly J Ko, Ula Hwang, Susan N Hastings 

First Published 30 July 2021 | Academic Emergency Medicine |

Approximately 65% of ED patients 65 years of age and older are discharged home. This vulnerable care transition is often fraught with inadequate communication and poor patient comprehension of their medical condition. In this article the GEAR team describe the type, frequency, and associated clinical outcomes of ED care transition interventions that have addressed social needs in older adults and aim to identify high-yield questions for future geriatric emergency care research focused on care transitions.