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Research Priorities for Elder Abuse Screening and Intervention

A Geriatric Emergency care Applied Research (GEAR) network scoping review and consensus statement

Jay Kayser, Nancy Morrow-Howell, Tony E. Rosen, Stephanie Skees, Michelle Doering, Sunday Clark, Karen Hurka-Richardson, Rayad Bin Shams, Thom Ringer, Ula Hwang, Timothy F. Platts-Mills & The GEAR Network

Pages 123-144 | Published online: 02 Apr 2021 |Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect|

This GEAR Network review of current literature on the identification of elder abuse among patients receiving care in emergency departments and the interventions to address elder abuse was used to prioritize research questions.  The review yielded five priority questions for further research in the areas of screening and intervention, with one question combining both.